Understanding DRIP Whale Tax

DRIP is a popular yet affordable way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the long-term growth of the DRIP token. The DRIP system is to discourage people from selling and to reward people to be in DRIP.

To do this, DRIP has entered into an optimum game theory solution that employs smart contracts to guarantee the DRIP ROI system runs smoothly. The DRIP ROI system runs off of smart contracts that burn through or mint new DRIP depending on the system’s needs.

When you buy DRIP directly through the platform’s Swap page without using any service, you will not be charged with the DRIP medium 10% tax. However, if you choose to buy it on PanCakeSwap, you will be subject to a DRIP medium 10% tax for all of your purchases.   

  Tax %
To enter the ROI smart contract to get your daily 1% return, you must deposit DRIP in the faucet.   10%
Hydrate your ROI within the faucet   5%
want to claim DRIP to send to your buddy   10%
want to send the airdrop   10%
want to sell DRIP   10%

On top of that, when your deposit hits more than 1% of the entire quantity of DRIP tokens, which is capped at 1 million tokens, you will be hit with the DRIP Whale Tax. As soon as your total deposit in the DRIP wallet hits 10k Drip, 5% DRIP Whale Tax is charged to your claims. 20k Drip — 10% DRIP Whale Tax, 30k — 15% DRIP Whale Tax and so on.

Understanding DRIP Whale Tax

Implementing the DRIP Whale Tax on withdrawals will help limit whales’ ability to surpass other DRIP players in the game by mandating them to return some portion of their winnings to the community and ensure the project’s long-term sustainability! As a result, the DRIP Whale Tax will be used to reward the DRIP players and improve the DRIP token.

The following tax does not apply to anybody possessing less than these staked holdings.

                    % Total Supply                                  Tax %
                      < 0.99%                                     0
                      >= 1%                                      5
                      >= 2%                                   10
                      >= 3%                                   15
                      >= 4%                                   20
                      >= 5%                                   25
                      >= 6%                                   30
                      >= 7%                                   35
                      >= 8%                                   40
                      >= 9%                                   45
                      >= 10%                                   50

We hope this information helps educate the community on How the DRIP medium 10% tax and DRIP Whale Tax structure works. Also, we want to clarify that the DRIP medium 10% tax and DRIP Whale Tax are not being used to improve the site’s functionality or add new features, but rather to help build the community and maintain the sustainability of the project through the development of the DRIP token.

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