The Only Drip Community Review You Need To Peruse Through!

Tired of hunting down for Drip Community reviews and can’t find a legitimate one? Here’s all you need to know about this community, to make an informed choice- if it’s worth your coin or not.

Financial freedom is at the heart of the Drip community and that is what the team aims at advocating! Their primary objective is for you to be independent of your financial commitments and live life on your own terms.

Based on the Binance Smart chain, the DRIP token offers you a daily return of 1% on your investment amount! Yes, you read that correctly, 1% daily when compounded annually yields a 3750% RETURN. That is only if you obviously hold on to it for that long of course.

Still, sounds like a scam? Read the Drip Community review further to understand how the system works exactly!

How DRIP works?

  • The first step would be to deposit! Kindly note that once you deposit, if you still wish to withdraw, you can only cash out 1% of your deposit value
  • The daily 1% return is in turn generated by the taxes on funds contributed by the members of the community.
  • The main idea behind holding on to the funds is to incentivise members and encourage them to hold on to the token to reap the long term benefits of compounding.

A list of taxes you need to take a note of before you commit:

  • Buying DRIP on a fountain: No Tax
  • Hydrate compound: 5% Tax
  • Claiming DRIP: 10% Tax
  • Airdrops: 10% Tax
  • Swapping and selling DRIP for BNB (Binance coin): 10% Tax

With all these taxes associated with your activity in the community, it guarantees sustainability on the platform and benefits everyone!

Apart from holding the token, you can also make some passive income by referring people to the community, directly and indirectly, to grow the community even further!

How to get started: 

  • Head on to and log in to the DRIP community fountain
  • Connect any wallet that you own, could be a Metamask, Binance smart chain wallet or wallet connect.
  • Here you can exchange your existing BNB for DRIP with 0 taxes associated.
  • Deposit AT LEAST 1 DRIP to be a participant in the system
  • Then further log into the DRIP community faucet and deposit the DRIP there.
  • Adding a buddy address is mandatory, you can add this address: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289
  • And maintain at least 0.1 BNB for performing transactions, since each action costs 0.0036 BNB

And voila with that every 24 hours you’ll receive a 1% return on your deposit daily. Click on “hydrate” to compound your return.

That’s all for the DRIP community review, just to get you started with this exceptional platform and get that compound interest rolling!

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