RoadMap, ROI and Withdrawal of DRIP token

Anyone looking to invest or trade in a particular token indeed looks into the roadmap necessary to predict the efficacy, future goals, and commitment of the team. The road map of the Drip token is one of the most promising road maps that I have ever looked at and read about it.

Road map of the Drip token

Drop token is a very ambitious project that is fully functional and sustainable. In the previous months and the coming days, there are many updates for the drip token. Multiple updates will spark great interest in the drip token due to its unique offers and services to the people.

Role of investors

The drip token has a lot to give to its investors all over the globe. Drip token offers a handsome return on investment of 1% a day, 365% a year. This feature of the drip token has made the token super famous among the masses, and the big investors have started taking an interest in the market of drip tokens.

Is Drip Token a Ponzi?

So the point here is to understand the term Ponzi before going into further details. A Ponzi isn’t a system where a wealth transfer from a new investor to an old investor happens. Basically, that’s every market that’s ever existed. It is a scheme where someone fraudulently tells investors they’re getting paid profits from selling a product or service. And sometimes there is no product or service at all. That is why a Ponzi is a fraud. That means they’re just cycling the investors’ principle around to create the illusion of profits. So the keyword there is fraud.

Drip does not fit the actual definition of the word Ponzi. , Drip is an on-chain, open-source project. Everyone can see what’s happening to drip on the blockchain, which makes very clear where the profits are coming from. They’re coming from the taxes on every transaction on a drip.

Here’s a list of transactions that charge the 10% tax:

. Sell anywhere 10%

. Buy non-Fountain 10%

. Deposit/Stake 10%

. Send wallet to wallet 10%

. Airdrops 10%

. Move from/to Ledger 10%

. Send anywhere 10%

. Claim/withdraw 10%

Here are the exceptions:

. Buy from Fountain O%

. Hvdrate/Compound 5%

So all these taxes, these transactions are what are paying. You’re getting paid from transactions, not from just cycling investors and cycling money around.

Return on investments and Withdrawal of Drip token

There have always been credibility issues in crypto, and trust is earned, not just advertised.

Can I withdraw my drip from the faucet?

The short answer is that when you put your drip back into the faucet contract, what you can do is you can claim 1% of your deposited drip amount every day for the next 365 days. So, in essence, you’re going to be getting three-plus times more drip tokens than you put in. The profitability and the earning of this are all dependent on the price of drip in the 1% that you do get out based on your deposits.

So if you think about that, if someone airdrops you, that means that your daily claimable amount of drip is actually going up because your deposits are rising. If you manage to become a referral to someone else, and you refer somebody else, 10% of their deposited drips go into your deposits, which means you are then speeding up the daily claim in your deposit balance. You can only claim 1% of that daily for 365 days.

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