Is Drip Network Legit?

To find out if the Drip Network is Legit, we need to delve deeper into the various component that makes up the Drip Network System.

Drip coin referral system and buddy system

Drip has a referral system. To deposit your drip tokens into the faucet contract, you must have a buddy in which is just another wallet address for somebody who has already deposited drip tokens into the faucet.

In the referral system, you have an upline and a downline, so people that invited you to participate on the drip network are your upline, and the downline can go down to 15 levels. It’s not multi-level marketing because you do not have to recruit other people under you to participate in drip. Referral to drip is optional, as your drip token income depends entirely on the smart contract.

Benefits of having referrals

If you do have friends that you want to bring into the drip, you can do that. You can give them your drip address, they can sign up under you, and you will earn rewards based on their deposits. And if you have at least five direct referrals under your wallet, that wallet becomes a team wallet. And there are some extra rewards that the team wallet gets.

Drip Token Wallet

The point is you need to have a wallet. Most people, including myself, prefer the Metamask wallet. You can use other wallets. I’ve seen them having many difficulties using the trip network and using the different pages, and interacting with the smart contracts. So I would recommend using the Metamask wallet. Get some Bnb tokens from the cryptocurrency exchange and send those to your Metamask wallet.

Working and usage of Metamask

The Metamask wallet is a browser extension. So it works with Chrome. You can click a button, and you can connect your wallet to interact with the drip network.

Hydrate and Claim of the Drip token

When you stake drip tokens, you do pay a 10% tax whenever you deposit. When you claim after building up some available tokens in your staking contract in the fountain contract, you will pay a 10% tax on those as well. So if you built up to 10 drip tokens in your available balance and wanted to claim those, you’re only going to get 9 drip tokens. Hydrate, which is known as compounding, has a 5% tax. So when you hydrate, you’re just compounding your interest.

Adding Drip buddy

You cannot deposit drip tokens without a buddy, and there is a small BnB fee for adding your buddy. You need to approve that transaction and give the smart contract permission to spend your drip tokens. Usually, the user will need to have 2 confirmations for the add buddy transaction.

Claiming into your wallet

You have 100 available, and you’re going to pay a 10% tax, which means you will end up with 90 dripped tokens transferred to your wallet. That’s your wallet. It’s you and the blockchain. In this case, it’s you and the smart contract that is sitting on the blockchain. Okay. So you can claim those you pay 10% tax, you get 90 tokens, where do they go? They go into your wallet; that’s how you claim when they go into your wallet.

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