DRIP-ping with Finesse

DRIP-ping with Finesse

If you thought this article was about Bruno Mars’ song, then that is incorrect.

But, f you’re looking to DRIP with Finesse or make money with the DRIP Crypto Network, here’s what you need to understand

  • Hold smaller amounts in multiple wallets.

Holding smaller amounts in multiple wallets will have exponential returns compared to depositing the amount into 1 large single wallet.

Although, the main issue that erupts is gas fees. Since gas fees fluctuate based on the time of day and the price of BNB, the more wallets you have, the greater the gas fees are. But, what’s important to note is that the returns, in this case, are exponentially higher! The more gas fees you shed, the more you gain in return.

  • Hydrate, but also claim

An instantaneous example would be swapping between the hydrating and claiming days until you reach 27.3K DRIP. After which, you can claim every single day until you touch the 100K Max Payout level. This allows you to make more money sooner whilst enhancing your long-term profits, as well.

Of course, you may play about with an infinite number of hydrations and claiming patterns with the calculator. Here’s how this scenario would pan out if you had to try it out.

  • Less is more

Eventually, the utmost you can get out of a wallet is unrelated to the starting amount, presuming you hydrate occasionally and don’t exhaust your maximum payment before retrieving everything you can.

How much can we get from a single DRIP? 57K Drip is always the answer (before selling). It’s the same amount of DRIP that we can get out of 100 or 1000 DRIP. 

Due to additional “Whale Taxes” that apply to accounts that hold more than 10,000 DRIP, it’s more than we can squeeze out of 10,000 DRIP, assuming that all of that DRIP is in one wallet.

  • Wallet lives are susceptible to price changes.

Multiple smaller wallets with a longer lifespan can limit risk while maximising the possibility for rewards, regardless of whether the price is stable, increasing, or dropping. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

However, suppose you’re competent with your approach. In that case, you can obtain a 100% return on your investment within a few months while continually growing your deposits, and the remainder is your profit, of course. 

Price changes and the number of wallets significantly impact total returns, but the variations are even more apparent if the wallets survive longer. 

  • 20 Wallet portfolio of 25-DRIP wallets will be a $20 Million return provided that the price remains the same.
  • If the price drops by 0.1% per day, the return drops to $5 million. 
  • If the price is raised by 0.1% per day, the profit rises to $88 million.

Optimising each situation in the best way possible will let you squeeze out all the DRIPs possible. 

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