DRIP Coin Token, a Scam or a Legitimate Token?

Is DRIP coin a scam, or is it legitimate? However, because DRIP promises to offer 365% of the deposit, people have called it a scam before because these high returns are practically unheard of in the financial world but not in the cryptocurrency world.

Is it even worth the risk? DRIP has been around for a while, and it has seen ups and downs over time, but no one has reported DRIP to take their money and not return anything. Instead, the people who are a part of DRIP are making a passive income with the transparent mechanism implemented by the drip token community.

DRIP is an emerging cryptocurrency, and it holds a lot of potentials. To use DRIP, you deposit the DRIP tokens you would have purchased on FAUCET. In DRIP, after the initial 1 DRIP investment, you have the option of a daily return of 1%, which you can withdraw or hydrate – compound. You can earn income if you invest for the long term with DRIP.

A Solid Payment Mechanism

What makes DRIP so worth it is its Return on Investment system that makes it self-sustaining. You can even receive rewards from inviting friends to and earn through a few other downlines.

While DRIP pays a high 1% for withdrawal or compounding, it has a way to fund that 1% through 10% taxation that DRIP charges on deposits, withdrawals, buying from non-fountain, airdrops, send anywhere, send wallet to wallet, and sell. You’re charged 5% when you compound, buying DRIP from Fountain has no fee. This 10% tax allows DRIP to pay 1% per day and give out rewards too.

Whale Tax

The drip community has imposed the whale tax to sustain a delicate balance regarding price and trickle down the taxes to the small investors and traders. A whale tax on withdrawals to help curve whales ability to outpace other players in the game, forcing them to kick back some of their rewards to the community and maintain the sustainability of the project!

The details of the whale tax are as follows.

% Total      Tax %

< 0.99% – 0% tax

>= 1% – 5 % tax

>= 2% – 10% tax

>= 3% – 15% tax

>= 4% – 20% tax

>= 5% – 25% tax

>= 6% – 30% tax

>= 7% – 35% tax

>= 8% – 40% tax

>= 9% – 45% tax

>= 10% – 50% tax

All this whale tax goes into the community and is utilized to better the platform and its users.

The Buddy Referral System

The buddy system – you first join the DRIP Network with a buddy invite, you get rewards when you refer your friends to join, and when the friends you invited to join up, you get more reward DRIPs. DRIP markets with this referral system and invited more people into their network through it. This invite system means that DRIP self-markets itself and is fully decentralized. DRIP’s marketing is organic, and the 1% each day offer is the ultimate marketing tool. It stops you in your tracks and makes you want to check out the website of drip coin.


DRIP token has seen ups and downs in the crypto world, but it has a self-sustainable system in place. DRIP’s payment/rewards mechanism via its 10% taxation is rock solid and robust. DRIP offers a concrete payment mechanism and buddy referral system makes it low risk, self-sufficient, and self-marketing.

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