DRIP Coin Community Faucet

Drip Coin Community Faucet

Introduction about the community faucet
Drip coin has got tremendous success in the short period in the crypto market. This success is the aftermath of the friendly environment, transparency, and ease the platform has provided to users. This article will demonstrate the features of the community faucet of the drip coin. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Features of the community faucet
The drip coin community faucet has provided multiple features and trading avenues to the users of the crypto world. The site can be accessed by clicking on the link https://drip.community/faucet

• Deposit
The drip coin token can be deposited into the account by going into the faucet link. Then a dialogue box will appear, where the user will enter the number of drips they want to deposit into the account.

DRIP Deposit

Here, it is mentioned about the drip balance if someone has already into the account. The transparency factor of the drip coin can be gauged from the fact that they have mentioned the fee visible to users, unlike other trading platforms that charge hidden charges from the clients.
Note: The minimum amount to deposit is one drip coin required for deposit.

• Get a buddy
Getting a buddy is a fantastic thing the drip coin has offered to its users. It helps in getting more information and referral quickly through this system. The information about the buddy and current buddy can be accessed from the community faucet website.

The list shows the following information on the main page when the link is opened.
• Name of the current buddy
• Manager of the account
• Beneficiary account or name
• Last check-in of the account
• In-activity threshold of the account
• Buddy address

Player Lookup

• Drippers
The Drippers is also a fantastic feature that the community has offered to the users of the drip coin platform. People can look up the player lookup by entering the address of the player.

Player info includes
• Directs referral of the players
• Total members of the player team
• Net deposits in drip coin
• Airdrop sent or received in Drip tokens
• Airdrop last sent

Player Lookup

Note: To gain all this information mentioned above regarding the player. One must connect the wallet to view the report.

• Team viewer
The platform team can be seen by entering the wallet’s address, and it will show you all the people in the group in a list form.

• Team airdrop
This feature is to do a team airdrop after entering the player’s address, minimum direct, team depth and minimum net deposits, and the budget of the total airdrop. Press run to get all the information of the airdrop before hitting the send button.

• Direct drip airdrop
This direct airdrop of the platform can be used by entering the address and amount of the drip tokens before sending the airdrop.

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