Can DRIP COIN Survive for Long Term?

Can DRIP COIN last? That’s the big question. DRIP Coin’s survival depends on how it works – is the process easy or hard -, the benefits it can offer us, and whether it stays sustainable with the supply and demand cycle.

Will DRIP COIN Survive Long Term?

The people are looking to trade and invest in any crypto project pay significant heed to the future and survival of the Project and its return on investments so that people have a clear idea about how much money they should invest in it and how much return they will be getting in their accounts.

Transparent return on investment Policy

Unlike other projects and platforms that display something, drip coin has made transparent policy regarding the users’ return on their investments. In reality, there is a stark contrast in their claims. DRIP Coin sustainability means you’re only allowed to withdraw 1% of the original deposits every day. You don’t obtain all the money at once. Instead, you receive it every day at a 1% withdrawal.

Community guidelines 24 hours

Drip coin website offers community help and information about its services to understand the project better, and people can invest and actively participate in it.

Moreover, you also pay tax to use its services – 10% on deposits, selling, or withdrawing and only 5% on re-compounding the deposits. Re-compounding means hydrating or putting in more DRIP Coin regularly.  Because of how the DRIP Coin system is made – invite-only and only 1% instalment every day- it can survive all terms because it balances the supply and demand cycle. It’s not too expensive with the minimum requirement of 1 DRIP Coin deposit, and you can hydrate – deposit DRIP COIN tokens – daily or at a pace that suits you. With policies and the different airdrop or downline rewards offers, DRIP Coin is here for the long run.

People trust in the Project.

Any company or Project cannot succeed unless they gain the trust of their customers and users. Drip coin has done the right thing by keeping people informed about every update, and it has helped to gain the trust of the users that is the key behind the success of the Drip coin.


Swap conditions and process of the Drip coin

All the users looking for it can get their coins easily by SWAP page. On the main page, there will be three categories that will show you in different pairs. For instance, BNB/DRIP, BNB balance, and Drip balance.

Drip Balance

Percentage Tax on each transaction

Drip coin has earned the trust of the investors and users by categorically telling everything about the taxes that they charge in return for their services; unlike, other platforms there are no hidden charges on Drip coin. Thus it has played a very vital role in the success of the drip token.

The community website clearly mentions the slippage tolerance, which is 3 %, and the tax applied on sells is 10%.

Chart of the Drip coin

The survival and sustainability of any project lie in the transparency of the Project. The price chart can also be accessed on the community website to understand better the current and past prices of the drip token.

drip coin prices

Currently, the price of each token is $21.44.

DRIP Coin is an emerging cryptocurrency, and it holds a lot of potentials. DRIP Coin is essentially crypto similar to CD, and it gives you the chance to receive significant returns of about 365% in one year. You deposit the DRIP Coin tokens you purchased on FACUET. Then this deposit will come back to you later at a 1% instalment every day according to how much you first deposited.

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