Buying Drip Coin Cryptocurrency with Fiat Money

Buying a new coin is always an arduous task for newcomers and people wanting to buy the newly launched token. This article will help you to buy this amazing coin by sharing all the methods through which the drip coin can be bought from the Fiat money.

Fiat is physical money that is backed by the Government that issues it, not a physical item such as gold. Examples include the US dollar, pound sterling, and European euro. Since fiat is backed by the respective Government that issues it, its value depends on the stability of that particular Government and the supply and demand cycle in that country.

Before you can use fiat money to buy Drip Coin, you need to convert fiat money into Bitcoin since fiat is physical money. Drip coin is a digital coin and the conversion of Fiat money into bitcoin will help you buy it.

To convert from Fiat to Bitcoin, you need to use Coinbase or where you have to create an account and then send fiat money (USD, GBP, EUR, etc) into your account.

How to Buy Drip Coin with Fiat Money

To buy Drip Coin using fiat, you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions

Step #1: Sign Up for a Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Platform

You will first need to join platforms where you can use fiat to buy Bitcoin. The two best platforms out there for this purpose are Coinbase and You should buy and try both of them and see which one works for you. Both Coinbase and have different policies – fee, etc. – and they allow you to use fiat to purchase Bitcoin. In the steps below, Coinbase is under consideration.

Step #2: Use Fiat Money to Buy Bitcoin
After you register for a fiat-to-crypto exchange platform, you will do the KYC – document, face, and ID card verification. Then, you can choose a payment option (debit/credit card or a bank account). When you click the ‘Trade’ button, you will have the option to choose Bitcoin, choose it and then your transaction – fiat to Bitcoin – will be done.

Step #3: Change Bitcoin to Drip Coin
PancakeSwap offers you the option of using Bitcoin to obtain Drip Coin. Since it’s a decentralized cryptocurrency platform or DEX for short, It means you won’t need to register for it and will just have to connect your wallet to purchase drip coin.

Pancake Swap uses BSC (Binance Smart Chain) so you need to convert your Bitcoin to BNB (Binance Coin) using Binance. Then, since Drip Coin works with a BEP-20 token, you need to send the BNB into your digital wallet using BSC. Then, you can use your BNB to buy Drip Coin from Pancake Swap.

Visit your wallet page, click on Bitcoin (BTC), and then choose the deposit button. You should then copy the address for Bitcoin shown there and sign in to Coinbase and then choose Bitcoin in the ‘withdraw from’ option. Paste the copied address there and wait for BTC to come into your wallet. When it arrives, convert your Bitcoin to BNB so that you can buy drip coin.

Buying Drip Coin cryptocurrency with fiat isn’t hard but you need to follow a few practical and tested steps to do it. First of all, sign up for a fiat-to-crypto exchange platform, then use this fiat to buy Bitcoin through Coinbase. After changing BTC to BNB, you can swap it with Drip Coin and then drip coin will be available in your facuet page.

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