BEP and the DRIP Network Token Price

BEP and the DRIP Network Token Price

Welcome to the DRIP Network which is forex shark’s and his team’s most recent endeavour. On the Binance Smart Blockchain, the official token of the DRIP Network is DRIP (Bep-20) (BSC). 

Except for purchases, DRIP has taxes of 10% on all transactions except hydration at 5% tax. The Faucet function allows participants to receive a steady 1% daily return on their DRIP tokens. 

On top of their daily benefits, DRIP Network includes a function where users can earn a referral bonus. You receive referral bonuses from players that choose you as their DRIP Buddy, sign up, and refer others. You’ll get 10% of what they stake as a referral bonus, plus anything else is included in their stake rewards. 

Drip will give you a 365% return on your investment in the Faucet. You will receive a daily payout of 1% for a total of 3.65 Drip if you deposit 1 Drip token into the Faucet. 100 drips will produce 365 drips, one for each day of the year. By compounding that 1% each day, the amount deposited grows, and the maximum 365% grows. You can significantly extend your wallet’s life by hydrating regularly, and the total amount is eventually reimbursed when you claim daily.

When creating a Drip wallet, you must enter the wallet address of an existing Drip user, known as your DRIP Buddy. A small referral fee for your DRIP Buddy is removed from your deposit fee when you make your first deposit. This refreshes his wallet without the need for it to hydrate itself. If someone joins using your address, you will be given a referral fee based on their deposit/hydration activities. To receive such referrals, you must hold another token, BR34P, in your MM wallet.

Since the start of the project, DRIP Network has given exceptional returns on investments and impressive growth. Currently, DRIP Network token price is $20.48, up by 0.03% over the past 24 hours. DRIP Network token price hit an all-time high on 29/07/21. The token that supports the DRIP reached a high of $34.27. DRIP Network is currently ranked high on CoinMarketCap.

The token address should always be checked against the DRIP Network Contract Address provided on For more information on DRIP Network, such as DRIP Network chart, DRIP Network Contract Address, DRIP Network token price, DRIP Buddy and what is DRIP Network is, refer to their DRIP Medium blog.

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