DRIP Downlines

With DRIP, developing a Downline of people that sign up under you not just amplifies your earnings, it can explode them besides earning from the daily 1% payout. However, you need to hold bR34P token in your wallet to be eligible for the reward. (You can buy bR34P from Pancakeswap. Check bR34P prices here)

Tutorial on buying bR34P can be found here.

When one of your Downlines deposits DRIP, if you have the required amount of bR34P for the level that your Downline is at, then you have an opportunity to receive a Reward. According to the DRIP Lightpaper:

“In order to receive referral rewards, players must hold bR34P in their wallet and the depth of the rewards received will be determined by their individual bR34P tier requirements. In addition, accounts must have positive deposit status for direct referral bonus rewards as well.” DRIP Lightpaper

The amount of bR34P in your wallet determines the number of levels of your downline you can benefit from, according to the chart below. (Example: to be eligible for downlines rewards up to 3 levels down, you need to purchase 5 bR34P and maintain it in the SAME wallet address that you use to purchase Drip)

Drip Downlines Reward Chart


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