Tomorrow is the BIG day for Launch

Forex Shark Announcement

Tomorrow is the BIG day and we will kick it off with an AMA in at 10am EST. which is the most active crypto group on all of telegram 💪🏻

Below is a countdown to when everyone should be prepared. It’s basically impossible to nail down this kind of migration to the second so what we will do is jump on VC at 12 pm noon EST. tomorrow in and prepare everyone for the migration. We will go live shortly after this, everyone will be alerted at the same time when it goes live. The tg group will be muted as we prepare, do not trust anyone else’s links 🐷🚀

Today at 3pm EST. I will be doing an interview with James Pelton, an influential youtuber and community leader in DeFi with an extremely active following‼️

Let’s get this party started 😎

Tune into the interview with James Pelton here to hear us discuss tomorrow’s launch, DRIP and anything else he has planned. We are starting in minutes‼️

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Interview with James Pelton

Forex Shark Announcement

I am preparing for the AMA right now

There is so much to discuss so come join us in‼️

I will be starting the AMA at 12:30 est in about 30-45 minutes.


At 5pm est. today I will be having a live interview with Experience Crypto 24×7, who has a great following of extremely active investors. I will then try to jump on Black Sheep’s daily show at 7:20pm est. for a bit to speak with them.

I have interviews planned all week with some of the greatest influencers in the space and I will be making a follow up announcement in a bit with their times as well so everyone can prepare‼️


Tomorrow at 3pm EST. I will be doing a, interview with James Pelton, an influential youtuber and community leader in DeFi with an extremely active following‼️

We are doing a full dry run of the migration today to prepare for Thursday, I will start a countdown tomorrow so everyone will be on the same page about the migration time but it will be around Noon est. on Thursday

Official launch date is Thursday, April 21st

Forex Shark Announcement

We are ready‼️

100% of the work is completed and our official launch date is Thursday, April 21st 🥳

First I would like to say thank you to the best community in crypto for remaining patient as we prepared for domination. Most of the time was spent on internal changes, such as hiring a new developer specifically for quality control. We also waited until 100% of the work was done before setting the date, this way there is no need for last minute decisions. As far as development changes in Piggy Bank we have done what everyone was hoping for and came up with a mechanism that allows users to buy partial piglets which means even the smallest user can compound daily and benefit from lock up bonuses 🐷🚀

I will be doing an AMA tomorrow at 12 noon EST. in Animal Farm telegram group where I will discuss everything you will need to know about the changes which have taken place and how you can benefit from the launch on Thursday:

I will also be discussing 3 other major events coming on the roadmap including:

⁍ R34P DAO seed raise for a major third party project that was just secured‼️

⁍ DRIP innovation which will include a new high end UI, team competitions, and maybe even something truly MAMMOTH 🦣 🤣

⁍ An amazing new protocol I’ve been working on with several partners including Chainlink which will change the game and bring huge cashflow into our current platforms‼️

Thank you to everyone, we love you💧

Building new DRIP UI

Forex Shark Announcement

We have completed all of our scripted/automated testing and are doing a dry run today deploying all the new contracts, wiring them to the front end and opening it up for the final manual testing to our admins. We know everyone wants it live right now and we are moving as fast as we can while maintaining extreme diligence. We have always been super diligent, which is why even if we hit a bump in the road capital is always protected, but we brought on a new dev specifically for quality control and we are prepared to take this to the next level‼️

On Thursday we will be giving an official launch day for the following week, as all of our testing will have been complete, and we will have nothing left to do but promote and get everyone prepared 🐷🚀

The new DRIP UI is built, we have a major third party raise prepared for the DAO, the NFT scratch ticket protocol is right around the corner and I could not be more excited for that. We have only just begun 👑

Major new capital flow into DRIP, DOGS, and PIGS – scratch tickets NFT

Forex Shark Announcement

We brought in a third party who specializes in advanced math to go over all of our work on the Piggy Bank and we will be finalizing all of the numbers today‼️

As I said in the last interview we will wait until 100% of the work is finished until we set a launch date, this way we will never again feel forced to make a last minute decision in order to meet a deadline. All of the coding is 100% finished. We have enough PIGS from the credit event to do a 100% migration, and all that is left is to finalize the numbers which we are handling today. In our quest to always improve we made some slight changes to our development process which took time but we are more confident than ever in our ability to push development with security in the forefront. This includes bringing on an additional developer whose main focus is quality control 💪🏻

Yesterday we had a meeting about the scratch ticket model and made serious progress. We know the scratch ticket model is a high demand product that is extremely sustainable but through the power of DeFi we have really taken the protocol to the next level by giving a use case to the scratch tickets (NFTs in our case) which were not winners. This use case ensures that when you buy a ticket, not only do you have the chance to win multiple prizes just like a standard scratch ticket model, but also a share of the protocol itself. This adds a new element of demand to the scratch ticket model for serious investors which can only be done through DeFi. This will not only be a major stand alone project, but it will also bring in a major new capital flow into DRIP, DOGS, and PIGS as a % of all BNB used to buy the tickets will go directly to supporting these assets ⚡️⚡️

I will be making an official Piggy Bank launch date for next week as soon as we finalize the third party review of our numbers, but right now we are looking at Thursday as the most probable day, as we will try to finalize everything today and then give ourselves a full week of heavy promotion with the announced launch date 🐷🚀

When piggybank goes live…

Forex Shark Announcement

We are preparing to shut down the credit contracts‼️

We have enough PIGS to remove 90% of the liquidity instantly and the other 10% will be removed and migrated over the following month. When PiggyBank goes live we will be giving a 15% bonus for everyone who deposits fresh capital in the first 48 hours, as a celebration to get it kickstarted with a bang ⚡️

Very shortly after the PiggyBank goes live we will be introducing an amazing new utility to the farm that has never been done before in DeF

PIGS and PIGS LP credits progress

Forex Shark Announcement

The update to has been made and the PIGS token has been unpaused, you can now withdraw PIGS and PIGS LP from all associated contracts and use dashboard to send them into the PigCredit contract which will let us know what to credit you with v2. When we credit you with v2 PIGS and PIGS LP it will be either in your wallets if you held the PIGS in your wallets or in the new contracts if you had them in the contracts at the time PIGS was paused and withdraw them now to get credit for them.

If you cannot withdraw your PIGS LP tokens because they are time locked in PIGGY BANK this is ok, you must withdraw what you can to get credit in v2 but you will automatically get credited for the PIGS LP you cannot possibly withdraw.

We will keep the credit contract live until Tuesday 3/22/22, we want it to be open for long enough that everyone has plenty of opportunity to get credit for their v1 PIGS but we cannot have it open forever because we cannot move on with the migration until it is complete. I will be doing an AMA tomorrow in Voice Chat to discuss the migration and how we move forward from here.

As I said yesterday, I am excited to get this finished so we can out our full focus into marketing Animal Farm/Piggy Bank and get into a major DRIP partnership that is ready to go‼️

I will be getting in VC tomorrow at Noon est. I want to have the simulated distribution finished for the AMA so I have more info to share about how current Piggy Bank users will be effected. I also want to get Bartertown or another youtuber to both record and also field questions from the community. The credits are going great and we are 100% confident that we will get enough PIGS and PIGS LPs to migrate all of the capital from v1 PIGS to v2 PIGS.

Be sure to withdraw all PIGS and PIGS LPs and send them into‼️

We will be closing submissions very soon and to get credit in v2 it’s extremely important to send in all of your available v1 PIGS and PIGS LP.

The PIGS and PIGS LP credits progress is going great. There are still a small handful of people who have LP tokens or PIGS that have not sent them in. If you still have some PIGS or PIGS LP, either in your wallet or in contracts that are available for you to withdraw, you must withdraw them and send them into the credits contract‼️

We currently have enough to move forward with the migration, so tomorrow at noon est we will cut off the credit phase and start the migration process 🐷🚀.

We are aiming for going live next week, but I will update as we get closer

New DRIP UI – additional functionality to the DEX

We have been working on a new DRIP UI which is using the same front end structure as the largest investment banks in the world. These institutions invest billions in research to come up with user interfaces that get visitors to use their products and I believe it’s a mistake to not take advantage of their research for our financial products. DRIP is not just another crypto project and it deserves a UI that represents this and has a wider appeal to users outside of DeFi. With the new UI we will be launching team competitions, an updated airdropping system, additional functionality to the DEX and more‼️

DRIP has a very bright future and we are just getting started.

Credit of v2 PIGS and v2 PIGS lp tokens

Forex Shark Announcement

We want to meet the public demands to add the ability for smaller divs to be compounded in Piggy Bank. This is important since you need to compound in order to claim your bonus and it is not fair if the smaller users cannot earn a bonus for time locking and cannot compound at all. Also there were a couple botters who sniped the launch and were attempting to drain the system using automated scripts which only sell, we will not allow for this. We temporary blacklisted them but to do it properly and allow for smaller users to also benefit from compounding and time locking bonuses we need to do as follows:

We need to launch a new Piggy Bank contract, but since we have no ability to migrate people’s funds we need to launch a new PIGS token as well. Then migrate liquidity from the v1 PIGS token to v2 PIGS token, airdrop the v2 PIGS token to current v1 PIGS holders, minus the botters. We will then migrate the state of v1 Piggy Bank with no ability for smaller users to compound to v2 where smaller users will have the ability to compound.

It will not take too long but it will be a process and you will need to be patient as it is for the best of every legit user in the system. We need the state of DOGS and PIGS to remain untouched while we do this so we have paused both DOGS and PIGS until the migration is complete. The whole system will be so much stronger from this as we will not have a small handful of botters draining the system, the bonus/compounding mechanic will be much more fair to small users and although it would be easier for us to just say, “oh well”, we will always do what is right even if it means confronting an issue like this.

We are pushing an update to the Animal Farm website which will allow people to send in their PIGS and PIGS lp tokens. In order to be credited with v2 PIGS and v2 PIGS lp tokens you must withdraw them from where ever they are and send them in using the Animal Farm dashboard here If you cannot withdraw LP tokens due to time lock in Piggy Bank it is ok this is accounted for but all claimable LP tokens must be claimed and sent into Send the PIGS and PIGS lp tokens from the wallet they were associated with before the v1 token was paused.

Tomorrow at this time we will be unpausing the PIGS tokens and opening up the dashboard for transactions. We will be leaving it open until next Tuesday, at which point we will prepare the distribution of V2.

I am excited to get this finished so we can out our full focus into marketing Animal Farm/Piggy Bank and get into a major DRIP partnership that is ready to go‼️

Launch of the Piggy Bank was a major success

Forex Shark Announcement

We have finished wiring the front end and everything is deployed. We could go live right now but I do not want to launch right now in the middle of the night. I feel like it will catch too many people off guard. To allow our launch optimal exposure to global markets we will launch exactly at 11 am est. We can do this because everything is deployed and wired up, so it will take me seconds to unpause. I will get in the VC at 10:30am est to discuss the launch process so we will be ready to go live exactly at 11am.

Since everything is wired You can not see the Time Locking Bonus you will receive for time locking you capital. The time bonus utilizes an algorithm to ensure longer time locked stakes always pay better‼️

Lets change the space.


We are ready to go‼️

I will jump in VC in 1 hour, 10:30 am est.. I will give a brief description of the launch process and then we will start a short countdown at 11:00 am est. As soon as this countdown hits 0 Piggy Bank will be unpaused 🥳

We pulled out all stops to get Piggy Bank ready to go this week, but we refuse to launch at nonoptimal times or rush anything which is why we decided to launch this morning as apposed to yesterday night 💪🏻

We spent all of last night and early this morning stress testing, running projections, and preparing for this amazing launch. I am extremely confident and excited to bring Piggy Bank to market. We are setting a new standard for variable time locking protocols, offering proprietary features that can only be found on Animal Farm ⚡️⚡️

Lets send these Piggies to space 🐷🚀

Launch of the Piggy Bank was a major success 🚀

I can see that everything is working exactly as designed‼️

Some people are confused about how the pricing works and for some reason think that everyone should get the same exchange rate. Anyone who has ever bought anything from an exchange known the price goes up as people buy… We set the starting price at the same exact rate as DRIP Garden which has proven to be fair, balanced and sustainable. The price of Piglets DO NOT determine the value of your stake. Only your available Truffles determines the value of you stake because Piglets cannot be sold. Piglets just act as a stand in to determine your ROI, which is up to 3% based on how often you compound your Truffles relative to others in the system.

The vast majority of users understand this. In Piggy Bank all of the value is derived from Time Locking and Compounding. People who don’t understand will learn this lesson very fast.

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