DRIP liberation contract adds DRIP/BUSD liquidity to pancakeswap

Drip Announcement 17 November 2021

DRIP is showing it’s terrific resiliency as the rest of the market crashes‼️

This is with all of our liquidity paired with BNB 👀 Imagine how strong we will be when we have a large stable pool, and we are not effected by the crazy volatility associated with BNB. We will be able to stand on our own merits, and this is when the true potential of DRIP will shine through, and we will separate ourselves from the pack 👑

The DRIP liberation contract not only adds DRIP/BUSD liquidity to pancakeswap tax-free, but it also acts as a DEX aggregator to ensure you are getting the best exchange rate for your DRIP. This is going to bring a lot more volume to pancakeswap, allowing us to have a more accurate price and volume data on the sites like CMC & dextools so we can appear on their top movers and trending lists 🥳

We have the greatest community in crypto‼️. Expect the unexpected; a supply shock is coming.

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Huge progress has been made for the DRIP Garden

Drip Announcement 16 November 2021

We have just updated https://themanor.farm, specifically the DRIP Garden but also the DOCs, Soundcloud and various cosmetic changes💧🚀

A ton more data was added to the DRIP Garden to help players understand what separates us from other blockchain games and why we will outperform them from launch and maintain sustainability.

Huge progress has been made since the last update, and we are just tying up a few loose ends at this point. The development is finished, a massive marketing campaign is secured (although we will continue to add and are aggressively seeking more opportunities), and the audit is in the final stage. I plan to give a hard date for public presale and launch this week‼️

Someone is posing as me and adding people from my groups into their group—typical low effort scammers. Just be careful, I will never ask you to send me anything or force add you into a group.

Follow the links below for future updates and for a chance to be whitelisted for https://themanor.farm public presale 🐷🚀

DRIP Liberation contract out soon and tied to Casino’s page

Drip Announcement 12 November 2021

We have made the necessary adjustment to the Casino in order to make it functional with the existing contracts TreasureKey is working with💧🚀

The Treasurekey team told us that it was possible to integrate a deflationary asset with their Casino, and we followed their instructions to set this up. It’s not possible to integrate a deflationary asset into a casino game unless there is an intermediary contract that acts as a whitelisted casino balance for the users. This is something I knew before, but since they said it was possible to integrate deflationary assets with their system, and they had us whitelist contracts, I thought this is what they were doing (since it’s the only way to do it).

So we made a short term fix to get the Casino up immediately, and that is to use DRIP/BUSD Pancakeswap LP tokens 💧🐳

LP tokens the house earns through its edge will be permanently removed from circulation, locking that liquidity to create stability and a higher price floor for DRIP on Pancakeswap💧🚀

We may create an intermediary casino balance contract as well, in house, which will allow people to bet single asset DRIP‼️

Keep in mind that our DRIP Liberation contract will be out soon, and we will tie it into the Casino’s page on our front end to ensure people who use the Casino will not pay a tax. This may end up being the more favourable option in the end anyway since there would be an initial 10% tax when you send DRIP to the Casino’s user balance contract, but there will be no tax at all using DRIP/BUSD lp and the liberation contract 💧💪🏻

DRIP Casino is Live!

Drip Announcement 10 November 2021

The games are live‼️

All of the games are open-source and fully on-chain games, utilizing Chainlink for security and randomization. All profit made from the Casino gets removed from circulation and sent to the Faucet tax pool to pay out dividends. This allows the Faucet to act as an investment vehicle for the Drip Casino where your stakes in the Faucet represent your share of the Drip Casino’s profits. The games represent an amazing new use case for DRIP, a chance to cross-promote with TreasureKey, and a new cash flow into the Faucet contract!

There are no dev fees on the games💧🚀

We know what the issue is with the Casino, we are going to make an adjustment‼️

Partnerships can be a bit bumpy due to two different dev teams trying to work with each other, which is why we tend to build everything in house. The issue is spotted, and we will adjust to solve it. There were slight miscommunications between the teams. Just be patient!

We already know what to do and are taking steps to solve it

I will make an announcement shortly with an update❗️

DRIP Casino powered by TreasureKey & Chainlink – New Use case!

Drip Announcement 9 November 2021

$DRIP on-chain casino games go live Tuesday 11/9/21💧. All #DRIP won by the house is sent to the Faucet tax pool and used to pay out #divs to stakers🔥. The games utilize #chainlink for security & randomization.

I am proud to announce that we will be going live with the DRIP Casino powered by TreasureKey & Chainlink‼️

All of the games are open-source and fully on-chain games, utilizing Chainlink for security and randomization. All profit made from the casino gets removed from circulation and sent to the Faucet tax pool to pay out dividends. This allows the Faucet to act as an investment vehicle for the Drip Casino where your stakes in the Faucet represent your share of the Drip Casino’s profits. The games represent a great new use case for DRIP, a chance to cross-promote with TreasureKey, and a new cash flow into the Faucet contract!

There are no dev fees on the games.💧🚀

DRIP tokens as a currency option

Drip Announcement 3 November 2021

I am proud to announce that DRIP x Treasurekey have established a strategic partnership to utilize DRIP tokens as a currency option for Treasurekey Casino games 💧🐳

Not only will this expose DRIP to an average monthly volume of $60,000,000 in wages, but it will also be removing DRIP from circulation as all DRIP that’s won by the house gets sent directly to the Faucet tax pool, where it will be used to pay out DRIP stakers‼️ The games will be hosted on https://TreasureKey.bet as well as https://drip.community adding major new utility to the DRIP platform💧🥳

All of this goes live 11/9/21‼️ Now is your chance to get in before the crowd 💧🚀

CryptoWorkx presents Dripvember and an exclusive interview with Forex Shark this Saturday 6th Nov @ 14:00 Est / 20:00 SAST. Join us and be a part of the revolution !! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3jpCnOrglyohTf4dHMFj6A

Audit Result and Major DRIP Partnership

Drip Announcement 30 October 2021

We have completed all of the group raises, and every single raise, including private, sold out in seconds‼️

The third-party Paladin audit has been submitted and will be published within the next week. At which time, several of our marketing partners that require audits will start ads and other forms of promotion. The public presale and launch date will also be announced when the audit is published.

Next week we have a major DRIP partnership that will be co-announced with our new partners, by far our biggest partnership to date. 💧🚀

I have an update for https://themanor.farm‼️

We have gotten the audit results back with no major issues or any issues at all that would affect us, for that matter. There are a few small tweaks that we can make to get a perfect score, and we will spend the next couple of days getting that done. It will then take a few days to get these changes approved, and once that happens, we will start a major paid promotion campaign. I will also give a hard presale and launch date as soon as this is done. We are still on track for launching this month 🥳

Stay tuned. We have a MAJOR announcement coming today regarding a DRIP partnership.


Drip Announcement 28 October 2021


I’ll be doing an AMA about https://themanor.farm today in https://t.me/cryptowinnerscircle💧🚀

The AMA will start at 2pm EST and we will start the raise immediately after. If you have whitelisted and want to contribute to the raise be there at 2pm EST and give yourself about an hour for the AMA to complete and the raise to start.

You must have bought and staked 10 DRIP in the past 30 days to quality for whitelising. You must also be a member of https://t.me/cryptowinnerscircle and https://t.me/The_Animal_Farm 👑

To learn more about DRIP, which is a partner project of the farm join the social medias below‼️




Drip Announcement 26 October 2021

DawgPound presale sold out in 22 seconds 🤣🐂


If you did not get in, join the telegram link below to qualify for public presale ‼️


We are about to do an AMA about https://themanor.farm with https://t.me/joinchat/TiGT8JdY7bhmZDcx 👑

Just finished Bartertown group raise, sold out in 12 seconds, that has to be some kind of record 🤣🚀

Join us for the AMA and Join the groups below to qualify for the public presale‼️

Forex Shark Interview

Drip Announcement 25 October 2021

This was the best interview yet discussing https://themanor.farm

There was an internet connection issue which forced us to restart the stream, here is the new link.. Be sure to share it around on all the different social media platforms and help us get the word out‼️

We are preparing our first promotional group raise for https://themanor.farm‼️

Our first raise is in https://t.me/DawgPoundNation which is a group that has been instrumental in the promotion and success of DRIP💧

It’s a 20k BUSD raise with 100-1,000 min/max

This is not a raise designed to address the demand of the group, but simply a way to help promote the project while supporting the groups that have been key in the success of our previous endeavors. The whitelisting for this group has been closed but join for great interviews and updates about the public sale which is right around the corner. To qualify for public presale join the Telegram group below 👑🚀


Lets all come up together💧🚀


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