DRIP Coin Token, a Scam or a Legitimate Token?

Is DRIP coin a scam, or is it legitimate? However, because DRIP promises to offer 365% of the deposit, people have called it a scam before because these high returns are practically unheard of in the financial world but not in the cryptocurrency world.

Is it even worth the risk? DRIP has been around for a while, and it has seen ups and downs over time, but no one has reported DRIP to take their money and not return anything. Instead, the people who are a part of DRIP are making a passive income with the transparent mechanism implemented by the drip token community.

DRIP is an emerging cryptocurrency, and it holds a lot of potentials. To use DRIP, you deposit the DRIP tokens you would have purchased on FAUCET. In DRIP, after the initial 1 DRIP investment, you have the option of a daily return of 1%, which you can withdraw or hydrate – compound. You can earn income if you invest for the long term with DRIP.

A Solid Payment Mechanism

What makes DRIP so worth it is its Return on Investment system that makes it self-sustaining. You can even receive rewards from inviting friends to and earn through a few other downlines.

While DRIP pays a high 1% for withdrawal or compounding, it has a way to fund that 1% through 10% taxation that DRIP charges on deposits, withdrawals, buying from non-fountain, airdrops, send anywhere, send wallet to wallet, and sell. You’re charged 5% when you compound, buying DRIP from Fountain has no fee. This 10% tax allows DRIP to pay 1% per day and give out rewards too.

Whale Tax

The drip community has imposed the whale tax to sustain a delicate balance regarding price and trickle down the taxes to the small investors and traders. A whale tax on withdrawals to help curve whales ability to outpace other players in the game, forcing them to kick back some of their rewards to the community and maintain the sustainability of the project!

The details of the whale tax are as follows.

% Total      Tax %

< 0.99% – 0% tax

>= 1% – 5 % tax

>= 2% – 10% tax

>= 3% – 15% tax

>= 4% – 20% tax

>= 5% – 25% tax

>= 6% – 30% tax

>= 7% – 35% tax

>= 8% – 40% tax

>= 9% – 45% tax

>= 10% – 50% tax

All this whale tax goes into the community and is utilized to better the platform and its users.

The Buddy Referral System

The buddy system – you first join the DRIP Network with a buddy invite, you get rewards when you refer your friends to join, and when the friends you invited to join up, you get more reward DRIPs. DRIP markets with this referral system and invited more people into their network through it. This invite system means that DRIP self-markets itself and is fully decentralized. DRIP’s marketing is organic, and the 1% each day offer is the ultimate marketing tool. It stops you in your tracks and makes you want to check out the website of drip coin.


DRIP token has seen ups and downs in the crypto world, but it has a self-sustainable system in place. DRIP’s payment/rewards mechanism via its 10% taxation is rock solid and robust. DRIP offers a concrete payment mechanism and buddy referral system makes it low risk, self-sufficient, and self-marketing.

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RoadMap, ROI and Withdrawal of DRIP token

Anyone looking to invest or trade in a particular token indeed looks into the roadmap necessary to predict the efficacy, future goals, and commitment of the team. The road map of the Drip token is one of the most promising road maps that I have ever looked at and read about it.

Road map of the Drip token

Drop token is a very ambitious project that is fully functional and sustainable. In the previous months and the coming days, there are many updates for the drip token. Multiple updates will spark great interest in the drip token due to its unique offers and services to the people.

Role of investors

The drip token has a lot to give to its investors all over the globe. Drip token offers a handsome return on investment of 1% a day, 365% a year. This feature of the drip token has made the token super famous among the masses, and the big investors have started taking an interest in the market of drip tokens.

Is Drip Token a Ponzi?

So the point here is to understand the term Ponzi before going into further details. A Ponzi isn’t a system where a wealth transfer from a new investor to an old investor happens. Basically, that’s every market that’s ever existed. It is a scheme where someone fraudulently tells investors they’re getting paid profits from selling a product or service. And sometimes there is no product or service at all. That is why a Ponzi is a fraud. That means they’re just cycling the investors’ principle around to create the illusion of profits. So the keyword there is fraud.

Drip does not fit the actual definition of the word Ponzi. , Drip is an on-chain, open-source project. Everyone can see what’s happening to drip on the blockchain, which makes very clear where the profits are coming from. They’re coming from the taxes on every transaction on a drip.

Here’s a list of transactions that charge the 10% tax:

. Sell anywhere 10%

. Buy non-Fountain 10%

. Deposit/Stake 10%

. Send wallet to wallet 10%

. Airdrops 10%

. Move from/to Ledger 10%

. Send anywhere 10%

. Claim/withdraw 10%

Here are the exceptions:

. Buy from Fountain O%

. Hvdrate/Compound 5%

So all these taxes, these transactions are what are paying. You’re getting paid from transactions, not from just cycling investors and cycling money around.

Return on investments and Withdrawal of Drip token

There have always been credibility issues in crypto, and trust is earned, not just advertised.

Can I withdraw my drip from the faucet?

The short answer is that when you put your drip back into the faucet contract, what you can do is you can claim 1% of your deposited drip amount every day for the next 365 days. So, in essence, you’re going to be getting three-plus times more drip tokens than you put in. The profitability and the earning of this are all dependent on the price of drip in the 1% that you do get out based on your deposits.

So if you think about that, if someone airdrops you, that means that your daily claimable amount of drip is actually going up because your deposits are rising. If you manage to become a referral to someone else, and you refer somebody else, 10% of their deposited drips go into your deposits, which means you are then speeding up the daily claim in your deposit balance. You can only claim 1% of that daily for 365 days.

The DRIP Buying Process – Explained

DRIP is an emerging cryptocurrency, and it holds a lot of potentials. You can buy DRIP with BNB tokens – BEP-20 tokens – but you need first to buy BNB with bitcoin.

After changing BNB (BEP-2 to BEP-20), you’ll have to purchase DRIP, and then you can deposit it on the drip.community site. When you deposit DRIPs, you can get rewards such as drip airdrop (more DRIPS,) and you can receive more DRIPs if you invite your friends to the drip.community with your buddy referral id. When your invited friends invite their other friends, you get even more DRIPS.

Before taking advantage of everything DRIP can offer you, you need to understand how to purchase DRIP via BNB and deposit DRIP on the drip.community/faucet.

Relation Between Fiat and BNB
You can buy BNB with fiat or trade it with other cryptocurrencies on exchanges such as Binance.US, Binance.com, Bithumb, Kucoin and FTX. To sign up for most of these exchanges, you’ll need to verify KYC (Know Your Customer) terms and register the required documents.

After you’ve created an account on any of the exchanges, you can purchase BNB or another cryptocurrency using your card (either credit or debit card) or with bank transfer and even trade it.

Why You Need DRIP Compatible Wallets
Before converting your BEP-2 to BEP-20, you need to customize a compatible wallet with the DRIP Network Dapp (decentralized application). Three compatible wallets that DRIP works with are:

MetaMask (a browser extension that works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave);
WalletConnect (a type of protocol that you can use to connect any mobile wallet to decentralized applications);
Binance Smart Chain Wallet (supports Firefox, Brave and Chrome)

After finding the right wallet, you’ll have to add the BSC (Binance Smart Chain Network) to your wallet. You need to connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain because the wallets, for example, MetaMask, usually give ERC-20 tokens – Ethereum tokens – and not BNB tokens, and DRIP operates on BSC. So, to exchange BEP-2 with BEP-20 of BNB, you need to add BSC to your wallet before converting BNB BEP-2 to BNB BEP-20.

You can use TrustWallet – a mobile crypto wallet – to swap the BEP-2 with BEP-20 tokens or use the Binance Chain Wallet.

Transfer BNB BEP-20 to Your Compatible Wallet
After you have BNB BEP-20 tokens in hand, you need to send them to your compatible wallet so that you can buy DRIP. The process here is relatively simple; you need to click on ‘Send’ in your wallet (the one containing the BNB tokens) and provide the requested information.

You need to provide the type of token. For example, we’re talking about BNB BEP-20 and then specify the quantity you want to transfer to your DRIP compatible wallet. Finally, you need to add the address of your compatible wallet so that the tokens can be transferred there.

Purchase DRIP
You can use the DRIP Swap Page on the DRIP Fountain to buy DRIP. First of all, connect or add your DRIP compatible wallet, then choose your wallet type from the three options they give (MetaMask, WalletConnect and Binance Chain Wallet).

If there are no problems – if you’ve configured BSC (Binance Smart Chain) for your wallet -, your wallet address will be displayed when you choose the ‘Connect Wallet’ option. Next, you need to enter the number of BNB you wish to spend using the ‘Buy DRIP’ option on the site.

You can’t buy DRIPS lower than 1 DRIP, so you need to enter a sufficient amount. Add a bit more BNB than necessary in the ‘Buy DRIP’ option because you also need to cover the transaction or gas charges for the DRIP purchase. Click buy and wait for the transaction to be done.

Using Faucet to Deposit DRIP
After purchasing, you need to deposit DRIP in the Faucet page on the https://drip.community/faucet page. Your wallet address should automatically appear there but check to make sure it’s there.

First of all, add a buddy there. You’ll have to paste the address of your buddy – whoever invited you to DRIP, or you can use an address from people who offer them to you (You can use my buddy id: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289). Click on update, and then you’ll need to approve this. This process requires a bit of BNB tokens – keep extra in your wallet. It’s a good idea to keep $30 or so worth BNB there.

Then you need to enter the number of DRIP tokens you wish to deposit, and the minimum is 1 DRIP. A 10% tax is charged on your deposit, so it’s a good idea to have more tokens in your wallet than you want to deposit. Press the ‘Deposit’ button, and then you have to approve the transaction. After you’ve made the deposit, your DRIP tokens are ready to earn you 1% a day or 365% a year!

Buying Drip Coin Cryptocurrency with Fiat Money

Buying a new coin is always an arduous task for newcomers and people wanting to buy the newly launched token. This article will help you to buy this amazing coin by sharing all the methods through which the drip coin can be bought from the Fiat money.

Fiat is physical money that is backed by the Government that issues it, not a physical item such as gold. Examples include the US dollar, pound sterling, and European euro. Since fiat is backed by the respective Government that issues it, its value depends on the stability of that particular Government and the supply and demand cycle in that country.

Before you can use fiat money to buy Drip Coin, you need to convert fiat money into Bitcoin since fiat is physical money. Drip coin is a digital coin and the conversion of Fiat money into bitcoin will help you buy it.

To convert from Fiat to Bitcoin, you need to use Coinbase or Blockchain.com where you have to create an account and then send fiat money (USD, GBP, EUR, etc) into your account.

How to Buy Drip Coin with Fiat Money

To buy Drip Coin using fiat, you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions

Step #1: Sign Up for a Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Platform

You will first need to join platforms where you can use fiat to buy Bitcoin. The two best platforms out there for this purpose are Coinbase and Blockchain.com. You should buy and try both of them and see which one works for you. Both Coinbase and Blockchain.com have different policies – fee, etc. – and they allow you to use fiat to purchase Bitcoin. In the steps below, Coinbase is under consideration.

Step #2: Use Fiat Money to Buy Bitcoin
After you register for a fiat-to-crypto exchange platform, you will do the KYC – document, face, and ID card verification. Then, you can choose a payment option (debit/credit card or a bank account). When you click the ‘Trade’ button, you will have the option to choose Bitcoin, choose it and then your transaction – fiat to Bitcoin – will be done.

Step #3: Change Bitcoin to Drip Coin
PancakeSwap offers you the option of using Bitcoin to obtain Drip Coin. Since it’s a decentralized cryptocurrency platform or DEX for short, It means you won’t need to register for it and will just have to connect your wallet to purchase drip coin.

Pancake Swap uses BSC (Binance Smart Chain) so you need to convert your Bitcoin to BNB (Binance Coin) using Binance. Then, since Drip Coin works with a BEP-20 token, you need to send the BNB into your digital wallet using BSC. Then, you can use your BNB to buy Drip Coin from Pancake Swap.

Visit your wallet page, click on Bitcoin (BTC), and then choose the deposit button. You should then copy the address for Bitcoin shown there and sign in to Coinbase and then choose Bitcoin in the ‘withdraw from’ option. Paste the copied address there and wait for BTC to come into your wallet. When it arrives, convert your Bitcoin to BNB so that you can buy drip coin.

Buying Drip Coin cryptocurrency with fiat isn’t hard but you need to follow a few practical and tested steps to do it. First of all, sign up for a fiat-to-crypto exchange platform, then use this fiat to buy Bitcoin through Coinbase. After changing BTC to BNB, you can swap it with Drip Coin and then drip coin will be available in your facuet page.

How does the Drip System works?

Deposit a sum of DRIP crypto, let’s say 100, and you get 1 DRIP returned to you every single day for the next 365 days.

This 1% is fully funded by a series of 10% taxes on every DRIP transaction. Buy DRIP outside of the DRIP Fountain — pay 10%. Sell — 10%.

Essentially every transaction is charged 10%, the exceptions being hydrating/compounding (5%) and buying DRIP from the DRIP Fountain page, which has no associated fee.

DRIP funds the 1% dividends through a series of 10% taxes on every transaction.
Investors also have the option of compounding every day, effectively raising their return exponentially.

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