DRIP Utility/Partnership List

DRIP Utility/Partnership List

✅Animal Farm
✅DRIP Garden
✅DRIP Liberation Contract
DRIP Lottery
ChainLink Partnership (oracle price feeds for all DRIP products & proper smart contract randomization in our NFT Battle Game)
Loot – DRIP Metaverse/Cross-Chain NFT Partnership
DRIP NFT Battle Game on SOL
DRIP Cross-Chain Bridge
QRRENT – DRIP NFT Partnership (100% of sales in BUSD/BNB of Celebrity NFTs will buy DRIP and stake into faucet)
QRRENT – DRIP Atlantus Metaverse (with DRIP as reserve currency)
DRIP Trap / Hip Hop NFT Marketplace (with A-LIST CELEBS/RAPPERS)
DRIP-ATL Jewelry Store Partnership
✅Celebrities onboarding & growing with massive exposure
Focus Visual influencer onboarding
DRIP Faucet-Collateral Lending platform (PCS??)
DRIP multi-DEX (PCS takeover)
DRIP Insurance Policy (for compromised wallets)
BetFury DRIP Casino – rewards in BFG
Fiat to DRIP on-ramp by credit/debit (applied✅)
Big Exchange Listing (in process)

– the list grows daily and this is only what we know about

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Grow Your Portfolio by 5000x with Just $200: DRIP Faucet

The title grabbed your attention, didn’t it? And these aren’t arbitrary figures. That’s exactly how the crypto community works, and so does the DRIP community Network. 

Want to figure out how? Let’s dive into DRIP by DRIP.

Compared to traditional financial instruments, the DRIP community offers you a tenfold return. Safest short-term instruments provide annual returns of around 0.5% to 1%, whereas DRIP offers 1% every day, equating to 365% per annum.

Deposits, claims, and compounding is now taxes that must be paid on every transaction in the faucet. These taxes guarantee that the contract will be able to pay the returns. 

To hydrate, you’ll have to spend 5%, so your 0.1 available will return 0.095 Drip to your bankroll. You will be charged a 10% fee on the amount claimed if you choose to claim the daily amount. So, if you have 0.1 in your account, you’ll get 0.09 Drip. 

Even though it doesn’t appear to be much at this point, compound interest will achieve great things. For example, if you were younger and asked whether you would prefer a million dollars today or a penny, you would choose the latter, which would be doubled every day for 30 days. The idea is that the doubling or compounding will have earned much more.

That, my friends, is the compounding power you don’t want to overlook. Join the DRIP train today and turn your pennies into millions.

And to play around with that, you have two options:

  1. That is, if you deposit 10 DRIP into the Faucet, you will receive 0.1 Drip the next day. You may withdraw that 0.1 Drip every day or so for the next 365 days.
  2. Or, You can also opt to compound your deposit by reinvesting 1 percent of your account each day. You now have 10.1 Drip, of which you will get 1% daily for the following year. If You keep compounding every day, your annual yield may rise to around 3600 percent.

If that 10 Drip is compounded every day for the next four years, over $1 million will be available. Even after taxes and fees for returning the DRIP to your bank in regular currency, the total is still over $1 million. 

Adding an obligatory DRIP buddy can further improve the liquidity of the community and compound those profits even more. DRIP is only available to those who have been invited. 

If you wish to, you can use the buddy address: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289

Understanding DRIP Whale Tax

DRIP is a popular yet affordable way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the long-term growth of the DRIP token. The DRIP system is to discourage people from selling and to reward people to be in DRIP.

To do this, DRIP has entered into an optimum game theory solution that employs smart contracts to guarantee the DRIP ROI system runs smoothly. The DRIP ROI system runs off of smart contracts that burn through or mint new DRIP depending on the system’s needs.

When you buy DRIP directly through the platform’s Swap page without using any service, you will not be charged with the DRIP medium 10% tax. However, if you choose to buy it on PanCakeSwap, you will be subject to a DRIP medium 10% tax for all of your purchases.   

  Tax %
To enter the ROI smart contract to get your daily 1% return, you must deposit DRIP in the faucet.   10%
Hydrate your ROI within the faucet   5%
want to claim DRIP to send to your buddy   10%
want to send the airdrop   10%
want to sell DRIP   10%

On top of that, when your deposit hits more than 1% of the entire quantity of DRIP tokens, which is capped at 1 million tokens, you will be hit with the DRIP Whale Tax. As soon as your total deposit in the DRIP wallet hits 10k Drip, 5% DRIP Whale Tax is charged to your claims. 20k Drip — 10% DRIP Whale Tax, 30k — 15% DRIP Whale Tax and so on.

Understanding DRIP Whale Tax

Implementing the DRIP Whale Tax on withdrawals will help limit whales’ ability to surpass other DRIP players in the game by mandating them to return some portion of their winnings to the community and ensure the project’s long-term sustainability! As a result, the DRIP Whale Tax will be used to reward the DRIP players and improve the DRIP token.

The following tax does not apply to anybody possessing less than these staked holdings.

                    % Total Supply                                  Tax %
                      < 0.99%                                     0
                      >= 1%                                      5
                      >= 2%                                   10
                      >= 3%                                   15
                      >= 4%                                   20
                      >= 5%                                   25
                      >= 6%                                   30
                      >= 7%                                   35
                      >= 8%                                   40
                      >= 9%                                   45
                      >= 10%                                   50

We hope this information helps educate the community on How the DRIP medium 10% tax and DRIP Whale Tax structure works. Also, we want to clarify that the DRIP medium 10% tax and DRIP Whale Tax are not being used to improve the site’s functionality or add new features, but rather to help build the community and maintain the sustainability of the project through the development of the DRIP token.

The DRIP BNB Equation to your DRIP Gas Fee

DRIP is a solid investment, and it is growing more popular day by day. There is never a dull day, and it is a fun and exciting ride. But, there is a lot to consider, and you need to make sure that you are ready for the ride. 

If you’re starting in DRIP, you might be wondering what would happen if I ran out of gas fees. When it comes to hydrating, Gas is an essential component of DRIP. The gas tracks how much it costs to execute computation for hydrating on the DRIP Network. Simply put, it’s the amount of DRIP BNB that players pay to utilize the DRIP network to hydrate.

This time around, we’ll get further into the world of DRIP BNB and DRIP BNB Price, as well as how you should properly create a strategy for gas fees! Additionally, there are a variety of solutions available today that can help you. With some research and work, you can quickly get smart about gas and never run out of it.

For your convenience, we’ve put up this guide to help you get started on DRIP BNB. Read through this article before attempting your following HYDRATE.

What steps can you take to not fall into the trap of running out?

  1. Take note of your DRIP BNB in your wallet to see whether there’s enough to hydrate one more time; if not, go to the swap page and sell DRIP for BNB, claim it in your DRIP wallet, and save all the BNB for future hydrations to avoid running out. At the time of writing this 1 DRIP BNB Price is equal to 0.001000 BNB

  2. This is one of our favorites because it is affordable and has a lot of room for growth in the future. If you’ve been invited to Coinbase Earn by email, you may use the Coinbase Earn page. But if you haven’t yet, don’t worry; all instructional material is available for free on the Coinbase Earn site, and you can sign up for the waitlist.

You can go to the Coinbase Earn page and earn tiny amounts of cryptocurrencies by completing simple activities like short video lessons and quizzes. The surveys take around a minute to complete, and they credit you with coins that later can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. You can then convert it into DRIP BNB and add it to your wallet.

Is the DRIP Network Legit?

With the advent of the internet, it has become easier to make money online. One way is through what is called passive income. Passive income, in its simplest form, is earning an income without actively working for it. It’s making money while you sleep. 

There are many different ways to earn passive income, but one of the most popular methods is investing in securities like stocks and bonds,s which leads to dividend distributions. One such way of investing is through what’s called DRIP Network. But have you heard about DRIP Network? 

If you’ve been searching the internet for a DRIP Network Reddit, you’re not alone. There are a lot of mixed reviews about DRIP Network. Some people say that it’s a scam, while others give it rave reviews. This post will address questions such as, “Is DRIP Network legit?”, “What is DRIP Network Reddit?” and “Is DRIP Scam?” So you can determine whether it’s appropriate for you!

Let’s clear the air by putting it out there that DRIP Network is not a scam. It has been in business for a while now and has a solid reputation among the DRIP community. They provide 1% daily and 365% per year returns, and it is a long-term investment strategy, not a get-rich-quick gimmick. 

You may make money by investing in DRIP Network, but you need to keep in mind the risks of the market. However, some people might not be convinced that DRIP is worth your time or money because it may seem too good to be true. 

There are many reasons why you might want to join DRIP Network. For one, it guarantees your financial future. To quote their website, “DRIP Network is a passive income opportunity that will pay you 1% every day and 365% per year.” This appears to be a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to invest in something worthwhile and earn money while they sleep. However, if you aren’t ready for the commitment, it might be a severe mistake.

DRIP is still in its early stages of development. Thus the journey ahead may be challenging, and things may take a different direction. But there does exist a DRIP medium blog that includes videos, articles, and blogs about it. These can help you learn how to improve your game and let that passive income flow through the Faucet. 

In conclusion, DRIP Network is the best business opportunity in 2021, and given the lack of other options on the market, it’s worth your time and money. DRIP Network is also well-reviewed by investors, so if you’re seeking a decent opportunity, this is it.

DRIP Coin Market Cap and Price Predictions

Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing financial asset in human history. In 7 years, Bitcoin’s price increased 2,000,000 times from $0.01 to $20,000, whereas Ethereum’s price increased 10,633 times from $0.15 to $1,595 in 2.5 years. You could have gained millions if you had put in $1, and many others did. 

DRIP Network, is a newcomer to the cryptocurrency network Many cryptocurrency investors and traders have been focusing on DRIP coins, and its values and trading volumes have surged.

The DRIP Coin Market Cap is $1,596,152.57, with a circulating supply of 100,000 DRIP, a total supply of 1,000,000 DRIP, and a maximum supply of 99,999,999 DRIP. The Fully Diluted DRIP Coin Market Cap is $1,595,259,180.

The price of DRIP soared after listing on the CoinMarketCap on July 29th, 2021. The credibility that a Coin Market Cap listing gives your coin is priceless. A CoinMarketCap listing is also required if you want your project and cryptocurrency to be widely adopted and accepted.

It was valued around $33.25 when it was listed on CoinMarketCap. However, it dropped sharply following that, to around $19.78. From August, it gradually grew until it reached $23.48 in October. But it didn’t last long, and it eventually toppled. DRIP is roughly $19.9 as of November 13, 2021, and has the potential to reach an all time high of $557.60 by 2030.

DRIP Coin Price Prediction 2022                                     UPTO  $25.12 

DRIP Coin Price Prediction 2023                                     UPTO  $35.04

DRIP Coin Price Prediction 2024                                     UPTO  $50.11

DRIP Coin Price Prediction 2025                                     UPTO  $73.35

DRIP Coin Price Prediction 2026                                     UPTO  $100.62

DRIP is also available for swapping at pancakeswap and poocoin. When swapping DRIP,  price volatility might lead to an executed price that differs from the quoted and expected price. Slippage is a term used to describe the expected percent discrepancy between quoted and executed pricing.

Slippage is more likely to occur when liquidity is low, which is why larger orders are more susceptible to experiencing it. Your deal will only be completed at or over the limit price if you place limit orders.

DRIP is an early-stage project and the path to development is susceptible to be difficult, and things can go wrong. If you really like the concept of DRIP project, make sure it suits your investment requirements by conducting due research. If you can’t handle the amount of risk, you might just want to search for something more solid and predictable.

BEP and the DRIP Network Token Price

BEP and the DRIP Network Token Price

Welcome to the DRIP Network which is forex shark’s and his team’s most recent endeavour. On the Binance Smart Blockchain, the official token of the DRIP Network is DRIP (Bep-20) (BSC). 

Except for purchases, DRIP has taxes of 10% on all transactions except hydration at 5% tax. The Faucet function allows participants to receive a steady 1% daily return on their DRIP tokens. 

On top of their daily benefits, DRIP Network includes a function where users can earn a referral bonus. You receive referral bonuses from players that choose you as their DRIP Buddy, sign up, and refer others. You’ll get 10% of what they stake as a referral bonus, plus anything else is included in their stake rewards. 

Drip will give you a 365% return on your investment in the Faucet. You will receive a daily payout of 1% for a total of 3.65 Drip if you deposit 1 Drip token into the Faucet. 100 drips will produce 365 drips, one for each day of the year. By compounding that 1% each day, the amount deposited grows, and the maximum 365% grows. You can significantly extend your wallet’s life by hydrating regularly, and the total amount is eventually reimbursed when you claim daily.

When creating a Drip wallet, you must enter the wallet address of an existing Drip user, known as your DRIP Buddy. A small referral fee for your DRIP Buddy is removed from your deposit fee when you make your first deposit. This refreshes his wallet without the need for it to hydrate itself. If someone joins using your address, you will be given a referral fee based on their deposit/hydration activities. To receive such referrals, you must hold another token, BR34P, in your MM wallet.

Since the start of the project, DRIP Network has given exceptional returns on investments and impressive growth. Currently, DRIP Network token price is $20.48, up by 0.03% over the past 24 hours. DRIP Network token price hit an all-time high on 29/07/21. The token that supports the DRIP reached a high of $34.27. DRIP Network is currently ranked high on CoinMarketCap.

The token address should always be checked against the DRIP Network Contract Address provided on https://drip.community. For more information on DRIP Network, such as DRIP Network chart, DRIP Network Contract Address, DRIP Network token price, DRIP Buddy and what is DRIP Network is, refer to their DRIP Medium blog.

The DRIP Finance Crypto Medium Blog

The DRIP Finance Crypto is an excellent way to leverage the power of compounding interest to boost the amount you’ve invested exponentially. Although DRIP was released in late April 2021, the tokenomics remain the same:

  1. Every day, the amount you invest in the DRIP token rises by 1%.
  2. Recompounding (Hydrating) daily can drastically boost the payment.
  3. After compounding for a full 365 days, the most significant benefits are obtained.
  4. The price of the underlying DRIP token has an impact on rewards.

The most fantastic thing about DRIP is that it doesn’t matter if the price goes up or down; as long as it doesn’t collapse under its weight, the return on investment is extremely high. Even better if the price of DRIP rises, which is a high possibility.

Investing in DRIP has several benefits, and there is a reason why the DRIP Network has been rising in popularity since its early days. Given the rising interest in DRIP, it’s reasonable that investors and consumers require internet resources to learn about DRIP Token and the newest DRIP news.

The DRIP Crypto on Medium is well-known in the DRIP Community because it acts as a source of information for users. The extraordinary thing about the DRIP Crypto Medium blog is that it offers up-to-date and relevant information on DRIP for all users.

DRIP Crypto on Medium includes a wealth of valuable information for new investors interested in learning more about what they can do with them. DRIP Tokenomics, DRIP Fountain, Faucet, and the freshest news regarding DRIP Network, are what most of the articles posted on the DRIP Crypto Medium blog are about.

The blog focuses on topics relevant to new users interested in learning how to purchase and invest in DRIP. New users of DRIP get updated with DRIP Coin rate fluctuations, news feeds, and DRIP Finance Crypto information. DRIP Crypto Medium blog is a no-brainer for anyone looking for a platform to help them get the most out of their DRIP experience.

However, beginners, on the other hand, may struggle to understand some terms related to DRIP, and it will undoubtedly take time to know everything associated with it thoroughly. DRIP Crypto Medium blog and Dripcommunity.org is certainly the place to recommend to all DRIP users who want to stay up to speed on all the latest news in the DRIP world. The blog is highly recommended for DRIP investors willing to understand more about the DRIP market firsthand.

DRIP Community on Social Media – Reddit, Twitter, Telegram

Drip Network is a one-of-a-kind “financial network system” that nobody has ever seen before. DRIP’s 1% daily and 365% per year returns are innovative in terms of finance.

DRIP has launched new social media channels to expand its reach among the DRIP community. On top of the existing social media channels, DRIP Reddit and DRIP Twitter, now you can reach them via the official DRIP Telegram Channel. You can now subscribe to the DRIP Reddit and DRIP Telegram for the most up-to-date information, coin alerts, price changes, services, announcements, insights, and anything else that will help you get the most out of your DRIP experience.

You are welcome to ask them any questions you may have regarding the DRIP network, such as how to get DRIP on Reddit, where to buy DRIP on Reddit and so on, and they will gladly reply.

To deposit the faucet Staking contract, you must first join someone else’s team, either by clicking their referral link or directly entering their Wallet address into the buddy referral system (minimum requirement 1 DRIP). Users may earn a constant 1% daily return on their DRIP (up to 365% maximum payment) by depositing DRIP to the Faucet contract.

Players must have br34p in their wallets to get referral benefits, and their specific br34p tier criteria influence the depth of the rewards received.

The platform boasts the best team-building referral mechanism ever devised, which contributes significantly to organic marketing. A player will not receive team-based awards if they play alone. Direct deposits are used to payout rewards. This will directly and quickly increase the Platform’s lifespan, as well as foster long-term team building.

For direct referral bonus incentives, accounts must also have a positive deposit status. Regular deposits, rolling prizes, and team-based recommendations can all help players multiply their gains. Faucet’s contract cannot drain and will always be able to give the DRIP that has been awarded, unlike many other platforms that promise a steady daily per cent return.

DRIP incentives are derived from a 10% tax on all DRIP transactions, except for purchases made through the DRIP’s SWAP page. If the tax pool is ever insufficient to pay DRIP awards, a new DRIP will be coined to ensure payments are paid out. 

Given the DRIP network’s clever game theory, the likelihood of the system needing to mint fresh DRIP to pay incentives is extremely low. To begin collecting 1% daily on your investment, purchase on the swap page and put it in the Faucet.

DRIP-ping with Finesse

DRIP-ping with Finesse

If you thought this article was about Bruno Mars’ song, then that is incorrect.

But, f you’re looking to DRIP with Finesse or make money with the DRIP Crypto Network, here’s what you need to understand

  • Hold smaller amounts in multiple wallets.

Holding smaller amounts in multiple wallets will have exponential returns compared to depositing the amount into 1 large single wallet.

Although, the main issue that erupts is gas fees. Since gas fees fluctuate based on the time of day and the price of BNB, the more wallets you have, the greater the gas fees are. But, what’s important to note is that the returns, in this case, are exponentially higher! The more gas fees you shed, the more you gain in return.

  • Hydrate, but also claim

An instantaneous example would be swapping between the hydrating and claiming days until you reach 27.3K DRIP. After which, you can claim every single day until you touch the 100K Max Payout level. This allows you to make more money sooner whilst enhancing your long-term profits, as well.

Of course, you may play about with an infinite number of hydrations and claiming patterns with the calculator. Here’s how this scenario would pan out if you had to try it out.

  • Less is more

Eventually, the utmost you can get out of a wallet is unrelated to the starting amount, presuming you hydrate occasionally and don’t exhaust your maximum payment before retrieving everything you can.

How much can we get from a single DRIP? 57K Drip is always the answer (before selling). It’s the same amount of DRIP that we can get out of 100 or 1000 DRIP. 

Due to additional “Whale Taxes” that apply to accounts that hold more than 10,000 DRIP, it’s more than we can squeeze out of 10,000 DRIP, assuming that all of that DRIP is in one wallet.

  • Wallet lives are susceptible to price changes.

Multiple smaller wallets with a longer lifespan can limit risk while maximising the possibility for rewards, regardless of whether the price is stable, increasing, or dropping. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

However, suppose you’re competent with your approach. In that case, you can obtain a 100% return on your investment within a few months while continually growing your deposits, and the remainder is your profit, of course. 

Price changes and the number of wallets significantly impact total returns, but the variations are even more apparent if the wallets survive longer. 

  • 20 Wallet portfolio of 25-DRIP wallets will be a $20 Million return provided that the price remains the same.
  • If the price drops by 0.1% per day, the return drops to $5 million. 
  • If the price is raised by 0.1% per day, the profit rises to $88 million.

Optimising each situation in the best way possible will let you squeeze out all the DRIPs possible. 

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