Revolutionize market to create value for users

Drip Announcement 17 July 2021

To learn more about our collaboration with Focus Visual, a South American based OnlyFans, Twitch, Booyah, and Youtube streamer management firm that manages some of the largest talents in Latin America, please watch this video that was produced by a valued member of our community @bR3Sp4wn.

With our existing DRIP platform, we have the infrastructure to build a revolutionary new content subscription model where the content creators are able to monetize their content and onboard new viewers like never before, while their subscriber base makes passive income instead of handing over capital every month to third parties who are enriched off the backs of the current content subscription model. DRIP is a system that is designed to capture value, rewarding its most active users and this is the perfect model to allow for the monetization of content while creating passive income for the subscriber base that the content creators onboard into their teams.

This method of monetizing content will not stop at this partnership. The DRIP team are currently in talks with several youtube alternatives that are interested in utilizing the DRIP platform to help increase their userbase through the referral system while providing a payment model for their content creators that can not be shut down by the censorship and payment processor blackballing which has shut down youtube competitors in the past. Not only can we use the current team-building infrastructure of DRIP to monetize content while providing passive income for subscribers but we can also use plugins that allow for “superchat” text messages to be displayed live on stream when viewers airdrop DRIP tokens to the streamers. All of this is in the works and although we are in the early stages, everything is extremely promising. Now is the time for early investors to beat the adoption curve as we revolutionize the market and create incredible value for our users

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