Buy bR34P

Important! You should buy your drip first before buying bR34P.

The purpose of holding bR34P token in your wallet is to be eligible for the downline reward in DRIP. The amount of bR34P in your wallet determines the number of levels of your downline you can benefit from. Read about it on the DRIP Downlines.

Listed below are the steps to buy bR34P.

1. Go to and connect to your wallet at top right hand corner.

2. Select version 1 at the bottom left hand corner.

3. Put a “check” and “continue to V1 Anyway”

4. Select your coin to swap (We use BNB in this example) and “Select a currency”

5. Copy and paste bR34p token 0xa86d305a36cdb815af991834b46ad3d7fbb38523 and click “Add”

6. Close the window

7. Click “select a currency” and the window will popup. Search “br34p” and click on it.

8. Refer to the table for the amount of br34p to buy.
Select your coin to swap (We use BNB in this example) and click Swap

Your transaction is unsuccessful?

1. You may need to increase the slippage level before you swap.

2. After increasing the slippage and it still does not go through?
You may have to buy br34p in smaller amount instead of a big amount.
Eg. To buy 9 br34p, you may need to buy 3 br34p in 3 transactions.

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